Most Popular Android Games 2021

Android has been most popular platform for gamers nowadays. There are millions of gamers spend their time in gaming some of them are professionals. Every year thousands of enjoyable games are launching. Few of them get huge popularity among public whereas some disappears with time. Other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows are choices but most of the users still prefer android platform for gaming purpose. In this article, I am going to provide most popular android games till mid-2021. These games are listed as per public’s interest and most download officially.

Most Popular android games in 2021

Among Us

Among Us is online multiplayer game which is played by 4-10 people in a team. In this game you are in the spaceship with few crewmates and there are imposters whose main job is to destroy mission and sabotage/kill crewmates in the game.

Most Popular Android Games in 2021

While everybody is repairing the spaceship, nobody can converse with look after namelessness. When a body is accounted for, the enduring team will transparently discuss who they think The Impostor is. The Impostor looks similar to other teammates. If someone get caught while doing unusual activities and killing crewmates. They can appeal for voting and discussion begins. If imposter gets most votes, it will be ejected to open space. If wrong person get votes, Innocent will throw away.

This game gained popularity over the globe within very short period of time.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground)

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) is most popular action game developed by Tencent Games. Realistic Graphics, Stable gameplay, variety of resources made this game famous worldwide. Company Claims “More than 1 billion play PUBG around the world in different platforms” It’s really a nice game with lots of playing modes loaded. 4*4 and 8*8 KM maps are available with diverse features. You can play single, Duo and squad mode.

Most Popular Android Game in 2021

Team Death Match is one of the popular mode, where clash between 2 teams Red and Blue happen. Team scoring 4 kills first become winner of the match. It is famous for many gaming streamers around the gaming community. You need quite good phone for smooth Gameplay. After installation and necessary update Size becomes 2.5 to 4 GB.

COD Mobile (Call of Duty)

 Call of duty is another amazing game belongs to action and shooting category. All features are similar to PUBG. You can play multiplayer maps and modes 100 player Battle Royale battleground Fast 5v5 team death match, Sniper vs. sniper battle. Team death match in FPP mode is quite impressive. Main highlight feature of this game is Graphics features. It feels like real world, houses and guns. However system requirement and memory consumption of this game is similar to PUBG. You need to get phone with good specs.

Most Popular Android Game in 2021

After PUBG mobile ban in India, it is most preferred action and battle royale game in India. Due to its impact COD mobile gained millions of users.

Garena Free Fire

Garena free fire is another popular battle royale game, it became the foremost downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. Thanks to its popularity, the game received the award for the “best popular vote game” by the Google play store in 2019. Till May 2020, free fire has set a record with over 80 million daily active users globally.

Most Popular Android Game in 2021

It is mid-level game but the features are really surprising. System requirement and size are quite low as compare to our previous games PUBG and COD mobile. Anyone with minimum 2 GB ram and Medium Specs phone can play smoothly. Many streamers and gamers prefer this game over other games because of its dynamic features and game modes.

Ludo King

Ludo is traditional board game consisting 2 modes, Home and Snake ladder. Now this game is digitalized in mobile platform. People are loving this game. It is light weight, easy, and requires less system requirements. Best thing about this game is you can play with your parents and friends on your phone without internet connection. This game become more popular during lockdown time.

There are many other similar games in Play Store but the original and good one is Ludo King. We can play this game on Facebook also. If you are bored and want to spend time with your friends, then play this ludo king. Lastly, there is option to play this game with Computer Bot. It’s quite enjoyable too.

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