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Cricket is the most popular game all over the world. Nowadays ,We can cricket digitally in our smartphone. There are many cricket games available in The Play store. From that, I listed top 5 best cricket games for Android users in 2021.

The listed cricket games are really good and you can try it.

1)Wcc2(World Cricket championship) 

It is the best Android cricket game. It is easily available in the Play store. It can be played online or offline. There are 11 tournaments available for playing, featuring 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams.

It has more than 50million+ Downloads with 4.2 star rating by audience.

 It has 14 different bowling Styles which make it Difficult . Android users with a OS version 4.0 or above  on their smartphones they can enjoy this cricket game. It can be Run smoothly in low RAM devices & low budget devices. World Cricket championship 2 has good graphics with better control also.

Game featuring the best league of the worldIPL Indian Premier league also & others features.

2)Real Cricket 20

It is one of the best Android cricket games popular all over the world. It is Developed by Nautilus Mobile. Nautilus Mobile offers 1  vs 1 and 2 vs 2 multiplayer options. This has huge in size but we can experience a good graphics.

It may be a good game for cricket lovers.

The Hindi commentary pack is also available in this game. This game has featured test match ,world cup available and others,

Real Cricket 20 Has more than 10 million downloads &4.2 star rating by user.

We can experience good graphics and settings.

We can play the game above the 2GB ram smartphone without lagging, Also it is interesting to play. Most of the things are paid but we can play in freely available mods. So,it is one or the best cricket games for Android users in 2021.


3)Epic Cricket:Big league game

It is one of the best digital cricket games for Android users in 2021. Epic cricket is made in India by Nazara Games Ltd. We can play it in  Minimum 4.2 or Above OS Version.

We can experience Such Good graphics & with Better controls.Also, we have various features in this game. Epic cricket has 354 MB which is large in size . It's more than 10+ million downloads in the play store with a 4.1 star rating by users. Most of the users are satisfied by playing This game.


It is free to use and easily accessible, so they, it is best cricket games for Android users.

4)Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is a cricket game.It is published by Stick Sports.LTD.

It is a good Cricket games .It has especially made for Android. It has quite good graphics and controls.When you're inside the game, you bat, and when you're outside, you can pick a team and make your player.It is Tiny in size which is about 32mb& we can play this in low  RAM/ROM Devices. It is also entertaining game. It is easy to play & control are Easy and good.

Stick Cricket Super League has quite a lot of fame.It has 5million+ download with 4.4 star rating by user which such Good Games received positive Response by user. So, it is the Best cricket game for Android.

5) Big Bash Cricket

Another game, Big bash cricket is the perfect game for playing Australian League on your phone. Controls and graphics are really amazing. You can select your own team to play with your opponent. This game had good wreckers and downloads & Rating In Play store you can obviously good. cricket. 

This T20 league game is huge in size but really good. Many people loved this games & satisfied. This game is famous all over the world. Infact, I also experience this game, it is such a good digital cricket game. 

In conclusion, the games which are  listed is Best cricket games for Android in 2021.

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